Yoga corner

That Sunday anxiety I had yesterday was no fun - I just long for the day when I really want to go to class or work instead of just counting down the days until graduation. It’s not as bad as it was first and second year but we are all just so done now and want to start our lifes instead of keep doing mock auditions and essays.

Anyways - yesterday I finally set up my new yoga mat for a little yoga session through One o Eight with Rachel Brathren. Did the lower back session which is one of the twenty yoga classes available to everyone who has a Unionen membership. It was lovely to just get back in to a calm and good place in my head even though I had to sit next to the heater to not freeze to death. In the final resting pose I realized that it is only a question of time before I grab my duvet and sleep on my yoga mat instead of my bed. It’s just so relaxing and nice to lay down on the floor. 



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