Moa Katarina Nilsson

Afternoon Tea at The Roxburghe
Yesterday was a cosy Saturday and the plan was to have afternoon tea at The Dome but since it was fully booked we ended up at The Roxburghe Hotel which was lovley! 
 They started off serving us a little glass of ice tea. It was quite dark inside so my photos could've been better.
 Many selections of teas and I chose the Twinings Superfruity which is one of my all time favorites.
 Hadn't eaten breakfast before, might have been out quite late (or early, depending on how you look at it) the day before so this was almost like a brunch since it was 1 o'clock. The scones were so good, not dry and tasted heavenly with strawberry jam and clotted cream. They also served sandwiches with salmon, ham, cucumber and roastbeef and different patisseries. I was definitely full when we left.
 The Roxburghe seemed like a stunning hotel. I certainly will return here. 
 It's beginning to look a lot like christmas. 
Rehearsals and coffee
This week we are in intensive rehearsals for our Christmas show next Friday. We have a lot of fun routines that we do and soon we'll get to try on costumes and everything will fall into place so hopefully it'll be great. Today I also got myself a cup of coffee which tasted heavenly. Almost forgotten how good it is. When I'm back in Sweden I'll drink so much coffee haha! Also had oatmeal and raisin cookies - yum! Blame it on rehearsal cravings... 

Luciatåg and the market
Today was a lovley and cold day in Edinburgh. Affter yesterday's christmas bal my head wasn't feeling too great this morning but after a walk in the cold it got better quite fast. Somehow I ended up at the Scottish Swedish Society' luciatåg which is when you dress upp in long white dresses, tie glitter in your hair and waist and carry a candle around whilst singing carols. Quite cosy and they finished it off with FIKA!
Even the sun came out today and it looked this lovley. 
Really want to go spinning in to the air but £7.50 seem a little too expensive for a poor student haha.
And then it quickly got dark. Wandered about the christmas market with my swedish friend and her host family. It's such a nice market.
And got tipsy on gluhwein haha.