Moa Katarina Nilsson

Saturday night
Last night I treated myself to a nice bath, accompanied by a glass of red wine, candles and some Marabou chocolate.
Spent my time in the bath contemplating life, trying to come up with good ideas for the choreographies I'm currently developing. Trying to find good stories to be inspired by. These days I find myself being quite drawn to beautiful lyrics and words so just a wee warning that some of it might show up on the blog. 

Better than expected
This week has been much better then expected. I always try to take it day by day and everyday has had some little moments that've made me happy.
Monday: had a ballet class with a new teacher which was one of the best classes I've ever had!
Tuesday: Short day and we did a fun turning excercise in jazz with "lame ducks" and it was a good turning day for me. Starting to find my balance quite nicely now. Also starting to find my triple pirouettes now. Always nice to feel when hard work is paying off.
Wednesday: early start but I like going in to the studio half an hour before class starts at 8 to warm up on my own and get some alone time because I don't like people in the mornings (read; I'm a bitch that early). My body felt strong and flexible during the warm up so I got off to a great start. And we had my favorite teacher Keren and my favorite dance style, contemporary. I also got a copliment in jazz which made me insanely happy with myself. 
Thursday: we had gymnastics and I did a backbend in to a bridge which I've never done before so that felt good. Also had my favorite teacher today again and we did an excercise which was so comfortable to do and HILARIOUS to watch someone do. I laughed so much I cried. 
Friday: Finally got back to aerial dance and my group was on hoop which is my favorite thing. Felt strong and actually managed to do most things. Love the feeling of being a little scared and at the same time focusing on technique and having fun. 
Saturday: Feeling awful and feverish but had a nice bath and dicovered how good guacamole is on freshly baked baguette. 
Sunday: just a chill day. Been on skype with people I like which makes me very happy of course. Only one more week until my birthday and just two until I go home to Sweden for a week!

Just a wee fever
Had the most amazing breakfast today: strawberries, raspberries, baguette with guacamole and one of my favorite Twining's teas.
Was out eating dinner with my swedish friends yesterday because one of them is leaving and going back to Sweden soon so that was very nice. I wasn't feeling too good so I went home to sleep instead of going out which proved to be good since I couldn't sleep. I finally fell asleep this morning, after crying in the bathtub of exhaustion, thankfully in my bed though.
I've been out once today just to get some food, and I found some of my favorite teas and they're colour coordinated which is wonderful for a perfectionist like me...

The cranberry ones are the best ones, according to myself. Now I'm just in bed half asleep, drinking tea and eating ice cream. Just feeling a little sorry for myself.