More adventures in Paris

Today was our first real day in Paris. We woke up in the flat and made some baguettes for breakfast. Instead of riding bikes to the eiffel tower, we walked down to the Notre Dame and went on one of the river cruises. It was a hop on, hop off bus and we got a day pass which was very handy.
We went from Notre Dame to the stop near Champs Elysées and got off there. Walked up the lovely shopping street all the way to Arc de Triomph. Stopping by Kusmi tea and Laduree on the way. Did not get anything at Laduree though, but we still have Thursday to walk about so might pass by there again then. 
From the Arc de Trimoph we walked down to the Eiffel Tower. Got some crepes and sat down in front of it in the park and of course got some lovely selfies. 
Eventually we continued down to the boat again and went back to Notre Dame to walk up to Marais. 
In Marais I really wanted to visit the vintage shops but it was very crowded and I was quite tired to didn't really bother to be pushed around by the crowd of people so quickly left. I did however get a sundae and McDonalds, and I know this might sound crazy, but I was really longing for one, escpecially with chocolate sauce cause that does not seem to be a thing in the UK?! Why? It's the best ice cream topping there is... 
We went back to the first street we every set foot on here in Paris so enjoy a lovely pizza and I also had a Mojito. It was really nice. Restaurant was called La Perla and it was on Rue Montorgueil. I will post a wee Paris guide after our trip and also include more of my photos that are on my actual camera and not from my phone.   
We are now back in the flat to rest our feet for a second and then we are gonna try the whisky bar!

Day 1 in Paris

So, big announcement, I am finally in PARIS!
I can't believe I haven't been here yet, but now the day has come and I am writing to you from the bed in our lovely airbnb flat in the second arrondissment of Paris. 
Because I have been dreaming of Paris for such a long time I was terrified that I would end up dissapointed and that my vision of Paris couldn't live up to my expectations. And for quite a long time I almost thought that was what was gonna happen. We woke up early this morning and heading to Edinburgh Airport. The problems started with us not being able to check in cause the check in-automats was not working, we later figured out that we didn't need to check in cause we already had the boarding passes somehow. Then we almost had to run to the gate to board just as the gate was closing. We got on the plane and it was then delayed with over 30 minutes because someone hadn't boarded yet. But eventually we got away. Since we had to hurry to the gate, we had not had any time for breakfast. The only thing we had had that morning was some blueberries and some whiskys since we tasted some in the duty free shop before realizing the boarding had started much sooner than expected. But luckily enough they served us coffee and also beautifully delicious croissants. I am usually not a fan of them since they are usually dry and to crispy, but these were magical, just enough crisp and not dry at all. 
When we got to Paris we had some trouble finding what train we were taking and found out there is a strike going on which is why the trains were not going as frequently as they usually are and they didn't stop where they usually did either. In the middle of trying to find the right train and getting off at the wrong stations and running about, I tried to contact the concierge that were meeting us at the flat to let us in, but that was a problem all of it's own. Called a number that told me to call another number that told me to call another number that didn't pick up. Eventually we found out that the concierge firm had been changed and that we couldn't come to the flat on the time we had previously decided but we had to wait another few hours before we could get in. With no food in our stomachs and also having a brain feeling like it can't handle more problems, we found a nice little restaurant that served burgers around the corner from where the flat was. Sat down outside at a table and had a lovely chicken burger with avokado and bacon, whilst admiring Paris. Cause as soon as I stepped outside the train station and saw the stunning architecture of one of the many churches of Paris - I was captured. I may not want to leave. 
We eventually got to at least leave our bags at the flat, so we did and then went for a stroll. I found some sparkling water without sweeteners or sugar (Swedes, think Ramlösa or Loka), which I have missed tremendously, and also got some new nail polish. Then we arrived at the Seine and walked along it for a bit before heading back to the flat, passing by a Franprix (french supermarket) to shop some breakfast and dinner (and wine, bien sûr). We went for chicken fajitas  (and a red bordeaux) and tomorrow morning we're having ham and goat's cheese baguettes with orange juice and coffee. Yaay!
We are also going on a boat cruise on the Seine tomorrow and then we are exploring the Marais area and walking down the Champs Elysées. And we just realized we live on the same street as a whisky shop (what are the odds?!) so might go past there for a dram as well. Might also hire some bikes and travel through Paris that way, instead of having to go on the tube. 
Wednesday we are heading to Disneyland and Thursday is not planned at all yet. So excited to discover Paris!