Mood swings

I've been having such mood swings this week and today was no exeption. Started the day with stretch and contemporary class which felt great! Started getting a headache after class though and had a break so went home for a nap. Woke up and felt terrible. Struggled through ballet with the headache and a feeling of illness in my body, but luckily it disappeared during the next class which was a creative class where we took turns creating a move and eventually came up with a nice choreography, which also got filmed. So felt much better after that, my energy went down a bit here and in my mind I told myself to just get through the last class, but to my surprise I really got in to it and enjoyed the jazzy routine we did with a lot of kicks and new peculiar turns. Just my kind of style! Our teacher for jazz today is such an intelligent man and he has a great personality that he just makes me happy. Today he asked me how I was feeling, really felling being here. Just getting that question made me feel all warm inside and happy, I think I needed that kind of attention. So happy day. Now I'm in bed, drinking a glass of wine haha, because I'm off tomorrow! So get a nice lay in and then I'm going to the bank to set up a scottish bank account. Finally! And then it's Friday, and then it's Saturday and then I get to go home to Sweden for a week. Wiie!

Monday with compliments and silly filters

Happy today. Got such a nice compliment from my contemporary teacher. She said that style really suits me which almost made me cry. A little sensitive perhaps. Also wanted to cry in ballet today when we did a combination with lame ducks turning around the room. The reason why I wanted to cry was because the first time I did it I just couldn't get it right, but then the second time it went much better so thank god for that. My ballet teacher also called me strong and complimented me when I admitted that I couldn't jump because my knees are a little bad right know, because he knows I don't like sitting out of exercising or being weak. But sometimes it is'nt for the best to push through pain, mostly it is, but not always. Important to recognize the difference.
Mondays are quite academic and we have some boring breaks during the day so today Claire was playing around with snapchat in our break so I joined. Since my phone apparently is so old (iPhone 4s) I can't get the snapchat filters, which I'm not crying about, but it's a little fun to play with sometimes. So that's exactly what I did today on Claire's phone. Mostly to annoy her with silly screenshots of me but also to see how quite I could be with big eyes or ears. Haha.
Rocking some braids as well and THREE longsleeved shirts. Not that I'm easily cold or anything.
In Acting right now we're doing scenes from Our Town and since everyone chose partners last week so I'm left alone, I'll be doing a monologue. A very sad monologue so I'll be crying. Looking forward to it haha.And here it is.

The end of my birthday

Went to Bodega which is just four doors down from my flat which is a Mexican restaurant with byob (bring your own beverage). Ate guacamole with nachos and pulled pork tacos with Mexican slaw. Such a cosy place. It's only seating 20 people so it really is small and intimate.
For dessert I had a lime and cucumber sorbet. Perfect after spicy food!

I always feel a little sad on my birthday which isn't a nice feeling at all. I'm longing for the day when I won't feel like that on this specific day. But what to do? Just keep smiling perhaps? 

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