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Sunny Sunday Loveliness
This weekend really has been so lovely. Been feeling so calm and great, even though foot has been in pain and I overstretched my back in yoga yesterday. Sometimes when you are in a stretch you can feel a tingling sensation that usually means that you're doing the correct thing but yesterday it might not have been compeletely correct cause when I got out I had this feeling that I really needed to crack my back and I couldn't sleep on my left side. Luckily enough I feel great today!
Woke up feeling that sunday tiredness and stayed in bed for as long as I wanted. Had sourdough bread with goats cheese and ham this morning as well as the obligatory cup of tea. Then I headed up to town to go see what Lou Lou's Vintage Fair had to offer. 
And I wasn't disappointed! I found these lovely sunglasses as well as some other stuff I will show you in a later post cause for once I actually remembered to bring my camera along. 
Tried out a silver toner to get my hair a slightly colder tone and it worked out perfectly well.
Today I also listened to my wine lectures, and tried three different sparkling wines. It is so interesting now that I know more about wine and can see how the manufacturing and making of the wines affects the flavours. 
 And the sun was out today as well. I made really nice packed lunches for the week and also managed to do all my washing.
Such a perfect Sunday! 
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