Just a wee fever

Had the most amazing breakfast today: strawberries, raspberries, baguette with guacamole and one of my favorite Twining's teas.
Was out eating dinner with my swedish friends yesterday because one of them is leaving and going back to Sweden soon so that was very nice. I wasn't feeling too good so I went home to sleep instead of going out which proved to be good since I couldn't sleep. I finally fell asleep this morning, after crying in the bathtub of exhaustion, thankfully in my bed though.
I've been out once today just to get some food, and I found some of my favorite teas and they're colour coordinated which is wonderful for a perfectionist like me...

The cranberry ones are the best ones, according to myself. Now I'm just in bed half asleep, drinking tea and eating ice cream. Just feeling a little sorry for myself. 

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