Moa Katarina Nilsson

The best time of year
It’s finally autumn and the best time of year is here! 
Reasons why autumn is by far the best:
- it’s getting darker
- it’s getting colder
- which means tea and cuddles in cosy pyjamas
- and candles 
- and wearing my autumn clothes 
- feeling inspired and motivated about everything 
- Edinburgh gets quieter so walking around gets more pleasant
- the Christmas market is getting closer 
- being met by a cold nice breeeze when you step out of the gym 
- sleeping in pyjamas so stay warm 
- my new flat mates are here and I have a feeling it’ll be a great year!
- my courses start and it’s almost time to choose the once for spring 
- the air and the leaves will turn crisp and beautiful and the feeling of autumn will probably consume me 🍁
My new flat mates moved in yesterday and I really have a feeling that it’ll be a great autumn. They all seem so nice and I think we’ll get along nicely! 

I’ve also started my new course , Sport nutrition and Sport, marketing and branding. So very excited to learn more about these things.
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