Moa Katarina Nilsson

Confused by chaos
So I’m a bit confused. It’s chaotic. Everyone seems to be freaking out by the snow and my school has just announced that it is closed tomorrow as well and perhaps also on Friday, final decision to be made tomorrow. Still not complaining to get my days off - a great way to keep resting my foot - but it’s still not that much snow? It is very slippery outside though so I do get that being in traffic and on the roads is dangerous - but it just seems like a bit of an exaggeration to have this much chaos? 
Anyways - I’m very happy to have time for the gym, for beautiful lush breakfasts and tried making a hot toddy for the first time today. It is sooo good, especially when it’s this cold.


Strawberries, sourdough bread with goats cheese and smoked ham, orange juice, tea and champagne is no bad way to start the day.


Hot toddy:

Whisky (of your choice, I had Grant’s because I had a tiny bottle at home and don’t like drinking it on its own)
Syrup (optional)
Hot water 

Mix a shot (or two) of whisky in a mug/glass of hot water and add honey and syrup until you like the taste. Add the lemon (I had about two tbs/msk). Enjoy! 


Now I just need to figure out what to do for breakfast tomorrow since I still have a nice day off! Yaay snow day!