Moa Katarina Nilsson

Weird mood Sunday
I've had a nice and calm weekend, just watching films with friends and spending time in good company.
Since our internet STILL ISNT WORKING *sad sigh* I had to once more spend time at Starbucks and Costa to get wifi. I decided today that I like Costa better, because their coffee is both cheaper and has better taste. Also got to talk on the phone with Joanna for a couple of hours which really was a treat. Miss her so much and she's only hours away in London...
I'm in some sort of weird mood today and feeling quite tired and down even though I have no reason to feel that way. So to cheer myself up I'm treating myself to a cup of my current favorite tea from Twinings: Intensely Tropical.

Sitting in my bed listening to fireworks right now and debating whether or not I should just go straight to bed and try to sleep. It's so ridiculously cold in my room because the windows are no help against cold weather so I'm gonna sleep fully dressed tonight.