Moa Katarina Nilsson

Winter Warmers - Soup & Whisky

Winter Warmers

- Soup & Whisky -


I know it’s already March and winter is almost over, but this is a pairing for any cold occasion. Be it a below zero snow day in northern Sweden, a chilly summer afternoon after the first outdoors swim of the season or just one of those days when a cold comes creeping and you just need something to warm and cheer yourself up. What can be better than soup - and whisky? 

The way I enjoyed this pairing was soup with a dram on the side but of course you could also try and add the whisky to the soup and decide how much of the alcohol to boil away. 


Creamy mushroom soup & Talisker 10


Mushroom soup always feels like a autumn soup to me, when mushrooms are in season and I preferably can get my hands on chanterelles, but of course it works well all year round and with whatever mushrooms you prefer. I added quite a lot of pepper since I like the peppery taste to come through and it also goes really well with the peppery character of the Talisker.  



750g mixed mushrooms of your choice

0.5 dl olive oil

2 shallot onions

1 garlic clove

50g salted butter

2l chicken or vegetable stock

150g soft cheese

1dl double cream

0.5 lemon (squeeze out the juice)




Sauté the mushroom in olive oil and let some of the liquid boil away. Then add the garlic, onions and butter and let sauté for about 5mins. Boil with the stock in 30 mins and add the cheese. Use a hand blender to make the consistency smooth. Season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Serve alongside a dram and some mushroom garlic brushetta. 


Tomato soup with blue cheese and bacon & Ardbeg Uigedail


My all time favourite soup and the first one I ever learned to make myself. I was first introduced to this soup on one of my first evenings in Verbier, when my lovely friends invited me over for dinner and made this delicious soup that definitely suits every occasion and is a real soul warmer. The rich tomato with the blue cheese and the bacon all goes perfectly with the smokiness from the Ardbeg. 



1kg tomatoes

1 yellow onion

2 garlic cloves

1 big carrot

1 leek

8dl vegetable stock

4msk tomato puré

2dl double cream

1 tsk vinegar

a dollop of butter





blue cheese


Cut the tomatoes in half and put them on a tray in the oven with salt and pepper and olive oil to roast them before adding them to the soup. If you’d like a super smooth soup you can also scald the tomatoes and remove the skin first. Then you peel and cut the onions, garlic, leek and carrot and put them together with the tomatoes, stock and seasoning in a pot and let boil for 30 mins. Filter the soup and mix with a hand blender until smooth together with the tomatoes. Add the tomato puré and the cream and let boil for a few minutes. Season to your liking with spices and vinegar and stir in the butter before serving. Serve with crispy bacon and blue cheese. 


Chicken broth soup with cream and crayfish tails & Bergslagens Sherry Darling


Great way to take care of the leftover bones after making a delicious whole roasted chicken. The bones also add a lot of healthy minerals and if you don’t add sugar, it’s a really healthy, yummy treat to have as a light dinner or quick meal. I added cream and some corn flour to make the it a bit thicker and served with crayfish tails which goes great with the saltiness from the stock and evens out with the sweetness from the sherry cask influences in the whisky. 


bones from a whole chicken

1 yellow onion

1 leek

2 celery staves

1 neep

1 carrot

4 liters of water




crayfish tails


Rinse the bones in cold water. Put them in a big pot with the water and bring to boil. Remove the froth on top. Chop all the vegetables and add them together with the spices to the water. Let it all boil and simmer for 2-3h. Filter the stock to remove the vegetables and bones. Let the stock simmer for another bit. If you want it more concentrated then let it reduce until it has a syrup-y consistency.