Moa Katarina Nilsson

More adventures in Paris
Today was our first real day in Paris. We woke up in the flat and made some baguettes for breakfast. Instead of riding bikes to the eiffel tower, we walked down to the Notre Dame and went on one of the river cruises. It was a hop on, hop off bus and we got a day pass which was very handy.
We went from Notre Dame to the stop near Champs Elysées and got off there. Walked up the lovely shopping street all the way to Arc de Triomph. Stopping by Kusmi tea and Laduree on the way. Did not get anything at Laduree though, but we still have Thursday to walk about so might pass by there again then. 
From the Arc de Trimoph we walked down to the Eiffel Tower. Got some crepes and sat down in front of it in the park and of course got some lovely selfies. 
Eventually we continued down to the boat again and went back to Notre Dame to walk up to Marais. 
In Marais I really wanted to visit the vintage shops but it was very crowded and I was quite tired to didn't really bother to be pushed around by the crowd of people so quickly left. I did however get a sundae and McDonalds, and I know this might sound crazy, but I was really longing for one, escpecially with chocolate sauce cause that does not seem to be a thing in the UK?! Why? It's the best ice cream topping there is... 
We went back to the first street we every set foot on here in Paris so enjoy a lovely pizza and I also had a Mojito. It was really nice. Restaurant was called La Perla and it was on Rue Montorgueil. I will post a wee Paris guide after our trip and also include more of my photos that are on my actual camera and not from my phone.   
We are now back in the flat to rest our feet for a second and then we are gonna try the whisky bar!