Moa Katarina Nilsson

The best point of the week
Friday night! Also known as the best point of the week. 

I was back at classes today, feeling very weak and my throat is still burning but at least it’s now the weekend and I’ve got no plans so I am now writing from my bed where I am watching funny videos of Craig Ferguson , Sean Lock and Alan Davies and crying of laughter. I’m quite tired so might fall asleep soonish but had such a nice dinner, consisting of salmon, edamame bean pasta and baby pearl tomatoes with olive oil. It. Was. Amazing. Nough said. 

Since it’s Friday I treated myself to some guacamole and pointy red pepper and cucumber sticks (and wine... of course - do you not know me?). I could eat my guacamole with a spoon straight out of the bowl. It’s one of my favourite things ever. Not even exaggerating. 

One avocado 
The juice from one half of a lime
Chopped up red onion 
Chopped up cucumber
Two spoons of creme fraiche

Yumminess in a bowl.


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