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Pretty lights through a better lense
Back to that Sunday feeling. Why can’t I just have another few days off? It’s just too nice... 

Today I woke up early feeling well rested and motivated so I headed up to the gym for a quite good and really sweaty morning session which made me feel fresh and great. Went home for a lovely little breakfast with two slices of Levain with goats cheese and honey roasted ham along with a cup of green tea and a glass of orange juice. Really enjoyed eating breakfast today. 

Also did some of my studying today even though I wasn’t too motivated for that since it reminded me that we are back to reality tomorrow. But I did it and now I’m enjoying my quiet evening. Go some shots back from yesterday and how pretty are the lights?! 

Treated myself to a Godfather as well which is whisky and amaretto - I can definitely recommend it if you like your whisky a bit sweeter. I had it with smoky whisky because I like it that way which resulted in a lovely mixture between smoky and sweet. 

My best friend called today which made my Sunday a bit better - always good to have a chat now and then, especially when we are so far apart. It’s such a great feeling to know that you always have your friends even though I keep moving from country to country. 

Final thought of today is that I’m worried about my foot. It’s still a bit swollen. I know that I should not dance because it’s a bad pain still but I’m so bored of not dancing. At the gym I have been doing mostly upper body and been trying out the cross trainer and walking on the treadmill as well which is quite alright. I should go back to the physio but I just can’t afford it right now, so that might have to wait until next week. 
Please, beautiful little foot, feel better now cause I want to dance again. 



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