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Little things that followed me home
This morning I went for a nice walk past Arthur’s seat and up the mile cause it was really sunny and nice outside. Ended up at the gym for a cardio session and also went past some shops and picked up some various things. 

In Holland and Barrett I found a new bean pasta made of soy beans that I had to try! Ask found a protein brownie that I was supposed to eat after the gym but forgot about so maybe I’ll have it tomorrow after the gym instead. Also some dried pineapple and cranberries with coating as well as mentos. Also, in Scribble I found Gin Fizz Gummies from the Swedish owned Sugarsin that has a store in London and also a website. These alcoholic tasting candies may not taste of alcohol but has the flavor of a gin fizz in candy version. They also have nice prosecco flavored candy so check out their website for cute candy jars with lovely gummies.
I’ve carefully tried to eat sourdough bread to see if my stomach could handle it after reading an article that sourdough is supposed to be quite good for people with IBS. And so far it’s worked out well! Which is great news since Söderberg, the Swedish bakery just around the corner from my flat, has a wonderful sourdough Levain. Tried their chokladboll today as well but it wasn’t nice at al unfortunately so only had a small piece of it. But on the same street there’s a lovely tea shop that I only found out about earlier this week when my friend told me about it. So walked past and got a lovely fruity back tea called Lazy Summer Afternoon with rhubarb in it. Yum!
Went in to superdrug to buy some hair colour but ended up with a bunch of stuff. They had Pixie Lott’s wash out colours on saw for 50p so could not resist buying them (50p is like 7kr). Also needs hairspray, silver schampoo and volume mousse so that got out in the bag as well. Can’t wait to try out the colours. It’s a shame that we’re not allowed to change our hair without asking the college first so I’m longing for that freedom when I can just try out a wash out colour whenever I wish. 
Update about the new room is that I’m getting happier and happier about it. All the space is lovely and I rearranged some furniture so now it really feels like my room. I am now fixing my hair and make up so it’s ready for the shoot I have tonight. Wish me luck! 

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