Moa Katarina Nilsson

A cold and warm Sunday
Today I woke up to fix my makeup and hair for a shoot in the forest here in Edinburgh. 
When I was waiting for the photographer, cause I was early as usual, I had loads of time to take selfies and admire the beautiful nature. Such a winter child. 
It was even snowy! But freezing... 
Look at this beautiful place. It's a nice walking path next to the water of leith that runs through Edinburgh. 
Selfie Game on point. 
And one last one. 
Used this little grotto as a location as well as a changing room. 
The best thing of today was getting home and having a lovely brunch with berries, levain with goats cheese and ham, tea and orange juice. In bed, coevered in both a blanket and a duvet. And this is where I'll stay for the rest of today. 
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