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The epiphany of today: the healthy version of the Swedish treat ‘chokladbollar’!
I can’t count the numerous times I have read recipes on healthy ‘chokladbollar’ (basically cold chocolate goo rolled in to little balls with fine coconut flakes or pearl sugar on them) and though "oh, I really want to try that"! But also thinking that how good can they actually be? And have I just realized just how amazing these things can be? Yes! 
Today I actually tried making them and they turned out so much better than I thought they would be. I’m so amazed by how good they are and I gave one to my flat mate as well and she was equally amazed. 
Also, forgot to buy the finer coconut flakes for the garnish and didn’t want to use the big ones but luckily I had some pearly sugar at home so these are not maybe as healthy as they could be. But I’ve done yoga AND been to the gym today so I deserve a treat.

And as a plus - they are vegan and gluten free!


200g dates (no seeds) 
10 tbs/msk coconut oil
3 tbs/msk cocoa powder (raw, non sugar)
6 dl/cups oats (porridge oats, without gluten is what I used) 
I dl/cup strong coffee 
2tba/msk coconut & almond milk 
1dl/cup coconut flakes

Garnish: pearl sugar (non healthy) or fine coconut flakes 

Mix the dates with coconut oil, coffee, milk and cocoa powder to a smooth mixture with a blender or something similar. Then add the coconut flakes and the oats - either mix is together with the blender or with a spoon, depending on what texture you prefer. I like it quite smooth so I prefer mixing it all with the blender. 

Roll in to small balls and put them in the coconut flakes or the pearly sugar. Place on a plate, put in the fridge. Enjoy! 

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