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Same flat. Different room.
So today I moved all my stuff in to the new room. Very mixed feelings. Who knew you could get so attached to a room? But very happy with the new room as well since it’s quite a lot bigger than the old one and there’s a lot more storage. And even if I would dislike it I could always change back in June. I’m getting slightly suspicious of my new birth control pills though since my mood has been going up and down a lot the last week... it’s that feeling when you’re suddenly crying over the smallest thing to then ten minutes later feel confused over why you thought it was such a big thing. Hormones - yes I’m blaiming you! 
My new window with my new little cute plant along with my Ikea candles. It’s time for a new visit to Ikea soon though just to pick up this and that.

Weather today was actually lovely - very cold but blue skies. Saw The Shape of Water with my Swedish friend Anna and it was beautiful but definitely gave me the creeps. I’ll recommend everyone to watch it for sure but be aware that if you’re like me (basically scared of everything) then it was slightly to violent for me. Had to cover my eyes and ears for some scenes. I might also have read on Wikipedia exactly what was going to happen which saved me a lot of unnecessary trauma haha... yes I know I’m a weird person. But still - beautiful film with a French touch and definitely like a fairytale for adults from Guillermo Del Toro. Scary thing is when the monster or villain or whatever you’d like to call it, is human. Watch it! 
And let me know what you thought 

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