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Russian princes hat, evil monk and a tartan scarf
Today we woke up quite early for a Sunday and went to Söderberg for a takeaway coffee on our way to the Stockbridge food market. I might’ve grabbed a lussekatt aka saffronbun, which was the first one of the year. This has really been a weekend full of gluten cause I’ve thought of it as a cheat weekend, but it is weird how much it affects my body and I really need to be careful with it. So even if I can have a treat no and then I shouldn’t really do it more than once considering how bad it makes me feel. However it’s been a really nice weekend and after walking through the food market for a bit we went up to George Street and the gorgeous Lou Lou’s vintage fair. As usual I found an utterly stunning hat at Goodbye Norma Jean which made me look like a Russian princess so of course I had to buy it. (null) 
We went for another stroll up Calton Hill to admire the view in daylight.
And then I randomly became a scary monk for my friend Kari’s boyfriends music video shoot that were happening. It was absolutely freezing but I can’t wait to see the result. Have a listen to Inkfields on Spotify and keep an eye out for the coming album in January along with the music video featuring me ! 
It gets dark so quickly...
This followed me home today:
One lovely book about bar carts
Two pair of socks (I know I’m obsessed)
One gorgeous hat a la Russian princess 
Also tried out my new tartan scarf that I bought yesterday. Very comfy. Quite warm. And not itchy at all. 

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