Thank goodness for podcasts

My favourite podcast of all time is the Swedish podcast Trettio Plus Trevar with Klara Svensson, Sofi Fahrman and Tove Norström. It’s such a real and funny podcast and I have relistened to it today since I’ve been staying in my bed still not feeling great because of the flu and since I’ve heard all the episodes it didn’t matter if I ended up falling asleep now and then. I can just recommend everyone to listen to it. It has made me laugh, cry and really think about things and I hope it’ll go on forever. 


Movie tip!

Usually when I watch a film I do something else at the same time, mostly because I like to be productive but also because films are rarely so good that they can hold my attention for all that time. 
But now and then you find a really good film and that’s what happened yesterday. We watched Kubo and the two strings! It’s such a beautiful film, both visually and storytelling wise. See it! Set in Japan and made by the creators or Coraline with voice acting from some very famous actors. I cried quite hard haha. But it was surprisingly funny as well. 

Just see it. It’s so good! 

Jaha.. Hur gick det här till?

Måste verkligen lära mig att inte börja läsa nya böcker innan jag läst ut de som jag håller på med ...
På bilden är alla de böcker jag håller på att läsa just nu - 15st.