The best point of the week

Friday night! Also known as the best point of the week. 

I was back at classes today, feeling very weak and my throat is still burning but at least it’s now the weekend and I’ve got no plans so I am now writing from my bed where I am watching funny videos of Craig Ferguson , Sean Lock and Alan Davies and crying of laughter. I’m quite tired so might fall asleep soonish but had such a nice dinner, consisting of salmon, edamame bean pasta and baby pearl tomatoes with olive oil. It. Was. Amazing. Nough said. 

Since it’s Friday I treated myself to some guacamole and pointy red pepper and cucumber sticks (and wine... of course - do you not know me?). I could eat my guacamole with a spoon straight out of the bowl. It’s one of my favourite things ever. Not even exaggerating. 

One avocado 
The juice from one half of a lime
Chopped up red onion 
Chopped up cucumber
Two spoons of creme fraiche

Yumminess in a bowl.


Treat for breakfast

Finally starting to feel a bit better. After a few days in bed with the flu I am starting to feel like a person again. I’m still very weak and my throat is burning but I’m alive. I always feel so deprived of fresh air and not so clear myself when I haven’t been to the gym or been dancing but mostly been laying in bed all day. Even though I have taken warm showers every day I don’t feel so clean, but more like a fuzzy mess. So today when I got up and went for some breakfast I also decided to put on my favourite face mask from lush - Mask of Magnaminty. It’s so refreshing and makes your face feel cool and glowy. 


And as if that wasn’t enough to make me feel like more of a person, I also managed to have the best breakfast. Thank goodness I bought some food earlier before the flu hit me so I haven’t had to go out and get too much now the last few days. I decided to try oats for breakfast after watching Hanna Öbergs YouTube videos yesterday. I’m now a fan of porridge or oats but gee was this gooey oat mess I made fantastic! 
Hot water
Smooth peanut butter with no added sugar
Whey box chocolate protein powder 

Just mix it all together - yum! 
Also had sourdough bread with ham, my ginger smoothie (still not a fan of ginger...), a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and tea.


I mean it might not look tasty but it’s sooo yummy.


This is the protein powder I’m trying out. Basically because I liked the design and don’t know much about whey powder. But I’m gonna try to add some in to my food to get some more protein because I think it might be beneficial for me right now. I still didn’t have much of it in my oats but maybe a tbs/msk or two just to get some flavor. 


A bit more energy

Today I’m starting to feel a bit better. I had some sour cherry protein yoghurt from Arla in my fridge and also a small fruit box so it was perfect for my lunch today. Minimal effort and it actually looked quite pretty. Spending my day in bed looking at Hanna Öbergs videos to find inspiration for new workouts. I’m so ready to run to the gym and start eating beautiful healthy meals, at least mentally. I think my body needs a few more days before I try out my planned HIIT session (high intensity interval training). It seems like such a good way to work out so I can’t wait to try it. 

So this beautiful little lunch consisted of
Honeydew Melon
Oats (gluten-free)
Sour cherry protein yoghurt